December 12, 2013

What kind of S-type are you?

So I was perving my favorite kink board and saw this test on the wall. Thought I would take it for a spin and here's my result :)

You clock in as a classic submissive. You like giving over to your Dominant’s will, not just submitting to a Top’s sensation. You have a few boundaries and limits to what you will or won’t do, but you are eager to do what it takes to please and pleasure the one to whom you submit. You may love pain, or love to give service, or adore sex, but your desire for giving over is what drives you the strongest.

For a deeper dive into all of your submissive tendencies, join the Submissive Playground course in January 2014 for four weeks of creative, sexy explorations.

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I wonder if any of my previous play partners would agree? Master, do you?

Take the test and post your results! I'd love to see how many of you are Slave or Submissive and do you agree with that result?

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