December 10, 2013

2 year Sex-er-versary

Merry Ho'ness everyone!!

How have you all been? I know I've not written since September. The reason is I've been dealing with some mental health issues. I struggle with social anxiety, depression, bipolar and borderline personality disorder.

It has taken its toll on my kink life and poly relationships.

I know I've let many of you down, and I suspect you all have forgotten about me. I do apologize for that. I have been working on myself, seeing the right medical people, doing the protocols advised. Master and I are strong, he is my force and guidance.

Merry Kink'ness!! 


  1. good to have you writing again and Here is for a positive recovery !!

  2. I haven't forgotten about you. Always look forward to any posting from you. Take care of yourself & 2014 will bring your old self back to you. HUGS!!!!!

  3. You have not let anyone down!! Blogland will always be here.So glad you're taking care of yourself.


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