December 14, 2013

Kink and Mental Health

I was perv'n around and stumbled upon Fetlife's event. They are having a Month Long Kink Holiday Giveaway Kink Holiday Giveaway. If you are a member of Fetlife you can read the post and join. I did, its interesting to read all the suggestions and questions. Follow the links and you can join more month long contest.

          " To show our appreciation to our kink-tastic members and to continue on with our gift of giving mode that we kick started with our post here: A reminder to our Lifetime Supporters...the gift of giving, we will be giving away one free six month membership per day for the entire month of December! :-) "

excerpt from Kink Holiday Giveaway - Fetlife. 

I thought on my question and decided what it would be.

  • Do you feel there is a connection between being socially accepted in a lifestyle looked down upon and mental health and stigma?
What's your question? Share here!! I look forward to seeing you on Fetlife! Be sure to come and hit me up and send me an email, I like making new kinky friends :).

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