February 1, 2013

Keeping Up with Kink

Happy Friday Everybody! 

Sometimes life throws us curves and changes that make it difficult to keep up with our fetishes and kinks. 
That's what has happened with Master and I, just as I suspect it has happened to many of you. 

I have a mental illness and I do write on another blog as to how I am doing. You are more than welcome to follow Finding My Way Back as well I also do a fair bit of volunteer work with rescuing dogs from high kill shelters I also blog about the benefits to fostering, adopting and rescuing Everyday Wiggles

Health wise, I've been busy this week with appointments, so it has really taken away from blogging and staying in touch with people. 

Kink wise, there is West Coast Bound this weekend. I really wish we could go, but money is super tight right now and we just can't afford it. 

I am also on Tumblr and have just reconnected on there, boy have I missed it! Feel free to follow me there, I have all kinds of naughty thoughts revealed!Sexy On The Darkside

So that's what I have been up to! What have you all be up to? I'd sure love to hear how you all are doing.

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