February 6, 2013

Happy HumpDay!!

Master and I have spent a lot of time doing things other than kink, as I said in my last post Keeping Up With Kink

As my naturopath wants me to not eat any wheat or dairy right now, Master has been overseeing that I don't. It means really thinking about my food choices and also learning about the different foods that are out there!  I love how Master makes sure I eat what is best for me and we talk over things to make and what is best.

We shop for organic products as much as possible, not only for the health benefits, but because I need to eat as minimal hormone produced products. Our meats are a primary source for growth hormones because farmers force growth on our animals as well as spraying pesticides on our vegetables.

So in the Spring Master and I plant our own vegetables. Master encourages me to grow our own vegetables because I love to be outside working in the yard and I like growing foods that I know have nothing harmful on them.

As for playing on the darkside, Master was very ill with the Norwalk Virus and has only just started to feel better. We hope to be visiting the darkside very soon!

Happy Hump Day!!

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