February 21, 2013

Its the little things

This morning I got up and made Master a fresh pot of coffee. He is a man who in the morning is very groggy and will often just grab whatever is available, but I thought He would like something fresh. He takes such good care of me, especially with my lifestyle eating changes. He has been measuring my portions, and reminding me of the benefits of making sure I get enough protein and exercise. I love how it is the little things that keep our dynamic working.

I also love it when we will be giving kisses goodbye and He asserts His dominance by grabbing a bunch of my hair at the back of my hair and passionately kisses me.

What do you like to have done to you/with you as a reminder of your dynamic?


  1. I love when DH has his hand on my lower back when we are walking around. I love when he feels confident enough to ask me to get on my knees right there and then. I also love the little tasks he has me do throughout the day, and the fact that he keeps track of my exercising...

  2. Awe Julia, I am so happy that you and your DH have a dynamic that works for you both!