July 9, 2012

Privacy and Kink

As many of you are no doubt aware, there has been a story published about someone who has a kink lifestyle. The sad thing is, the photos that were used, a portion of them were not of this person. While the person in question may lead a position in society that some deem should be seen as higher than the rest of us,  quite a few of us feel that what a person does behind closed doors and on their own time, is no one's business. 

Now I realize that there is more to this story, I know that people not involved in the matter are now involved and never asked to be. I am aware that others have been contacted as the story was being built before it was published, albeit erroneously.

What needs to be remembered is that a person's family, career, friendships, neighbors, colleagues will all more than likely quietly pass judgment on this person's life. People in our BDSM community have been stepping up and sharing their knowledge and experience with the lifestyle as well as bringing to light the fact that we aren't crazy people who just grab strangers off the street, we are healthy minded individuals, that happen to share safe, sane and CONSENSUAL sex. 

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