April 11, 2012

Thank you Padme amidala

My good friend whose blog  Journey to the Darkside  is one I follow and read regularly. 

Today she spoke on her Twitter profile padmeamidala about crossing things off her bucket list. Well, I realized that is something I hadn't done since I posted my Bucket List  back in February of this year.  So I went through it and I can happily say there are quite a few things I have done!! So I wanted to acknowledge them and to you my readers, encourage you to write your own bucket list. It is so important what you want to do and then realize you have done them!

Work on my weight loss and get back to my karate weight 
Work on my cardiovascular
Add exercises every day or other day til I am at 30 to 45 mins.
Take Blaze (my dog) to Tynehead Park and walk an hour at least once a week
Learn how to use YouTube 
Learn how to make money online with PTC (Point to Click)
Expand my vegetable garden 
Enjoy a Hot Stone Massage 
Have a Long Term Savings account
Check out Allure 
Create an income from online sites
See the Northern Lights
Ride a mechanical bull

This really taught me the power of having a bucket list. I feel really good to know that there are a few things I have done and today I even added some that I hadn't thought about before, but definitely want to do. 


  1. I'm glad that you were able to cross some things off your bucket list! :D


  2. Thank you for the reminder! It was really interesting to see what I had accomplished and then to realize I wanted to add a few other items :).