April 19, 2012

My Bottom Smarts

Master has been busy away from home, Sir is away right now and I am without a red bottom! I miss my subbie space, I miss the warmth of my ass, as each stroke  of the hand, flogger or belt. 

I crave to be bound, unable to wiggle away when the toys come out and I start to feel all warm and wet between my thighs. My pussy anxious to be fingered and teased to the point of wanting to scream; yet I am told not to make a sound!

I am sure a few of my spanking friends know exactly what I am talking about.  Its like we are in a club lol. 

I think if I could create a scene, one that would leave Master or Sir and I, it would have to be something super hot and definitely on the wild side! Something that would include candle wax play as I love the feel of drips of wax land upon my skin, especially on my tits, my nipples erect and ready to receive. Then they would be clamped as the sensations will be even more heightened.  My panties torn away by the sharp blade of a knife that's pressed against my clit, its coldness causing me to gasp in breath. All the while blind folded, not knowing when each implement would be used on me. 

Oh boy this is going to be a Hitachi night, my pussy is twitching just at the visual I have created! I will be sure to ask if we can do this, then I will post an updated version here for you all to read and for me to happily come back to every time I miss being used mercilessly over and over. 

Have a great day!

Love, Live & Spanks!

Sierra xo

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