April 11, 2012

Master has a Coffee Date

I'm excited for him! She is such a lovely lady, we are close in age too. 

It was cute to see Master nervous, wanting to make a good impression. I know He will do great on His coffee date with this girl. She is looking for a Daddy/Master relationship with eventual 24/7. Master ran that by me and I assured Him to just enjoy the moment and see where the conversation takes them. That sometimes it is amazing how at one time something you never thought would be of interest to you, suddenly could be. That's what my play partner relationship with Sir has been about. He has introduced me to areas of play that at one time I never would have agreed to and yet, with time, and just lots of continual talking, my trust grows with Him. The only downside is we aren't able to see one another very much, so I am searching for an additional Top that will be local to me.

Master and I talk about everything and we feel our force is steady and strong. I like seeing Him happy, as much as He likes to see me happy. 

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