October 25, 2011


Exploring my needs, hmmm, interesting way of looking at my life. I've heard myself say "my needs aren't being met", yet until today, I didn't realize that there were so many options to the words "needs". I learned that there are Social, Intellectual, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual needs.

This is in a series that I have been doing for the last few weeks. The purpose is to explore, as I bottle my emotions and shut down. Eventually the lava starts to boil and then overflow, all is not productive to healthy conversations and emotions.

So I get to spend the next week before the next get together working through and brainstorming which of my "needs" is not being met because at present each of the needs posted above, they all are being met in one way or another, in small steps. However, the lesson stated was we have to figure out which one is actually being met. That seems very overwhelming. How on earth do I decide that all my Physical needs are being met? What constitutes the validity that all of one "need" is being met. I don't know, seems rather intense to me and it makes me feel anxious just trying to look at it all, let alone decipher.

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