September 25, 2011

To Whom do I Write For?

I have found myself charged and rejuvenated asking myself, what next should I write about. What will my readers want to read? I recall very recently speaking to a friend about this, and she said that for her, her blog was a means of journaling and she didn't care that anyone could read what she wrote, that what she was writing was a place of letting it all out and yet for me, I feel complex, on one hand I really like writing and getting things off my chest, I also want to write topics that will hold any reader who happens to stumble upon my blog. I know it should not matter whether anyone reads my blog or not, but I guess in some ways it does. You just never know who you are reaching out there in the Universe. The way we connect with people now a days, is truly in the smallest of ways. The world is a lot smaller than we all think.

So here I am  "To Whom do I Write For?" today it is me. 

I have been focusing on my health; and when I say health, I mean body, mind and spirit

Six short months ago, my life took a permanent change; one that hasn't always been easy, even now, but the process of elimination from pharmaceutical drugs to as much natural as is available to me. The hope is the menopausal symptoms will decrease to the point of complete elimination. Yes, you read right, I am 42, and had a hysterectomy, thereby putting me into early menopause. But fear not all you lovely ladies out there reading this, I learned this weekend that even though I have gained some weight (which I have learned is water retention), my breasts have decided to grow again! It is like being a teenager, minus the hormones of puberty! So tonight I have begun the task of going through clothing and such as I have thus far increased a good cup at least and most of my bras do not fit!! Crazy, I know!! 

But most of all the various adjustments to my body inside and out as I adapt to the "change" that I have heard a lot about growing up and now as an adult woman going through it; the hot flashes, the night sweats, although they haven't been easy and as a young girl joking with her friends about how we all couldn't wait til our periods were gone forever.Now that I experienced it first hand, I wonder when the "hard part" will be over and the easy stuff will kick in? 

I'm not ungrateful, I'm not unhappy, the medical reasons behind the surgery necessity and the 2nd and 3rd opinions all make sense. Its just.... not an easy thing letting go of a body that once could wear shorts or a tank top with no cellulite and now ..... well lets just say the cellulite reminds me of well earned medals for all the years leading up to this very moment in my life. 


  1. I will be here reading whether it's vanilla or kink. I really enjoy your blog. :)

  2. Aww thank you so much for the encouragement and support! I really appreciate it! If you happen to know anyone who would be interested in my blog, by all means forward them my way and I will do the same in return *hugs*

  3. I have linked to your blog on JTTDS. I love your blog and am always reading your posts. I hope you will be blogging for a long time! :)