October 4, 2011

Retro Era and Halloween

Its Monday night, which means one of my new favorite show's is the Playboy Club.  I am really drawn to era's that represent when I would have been born, but far too young to enjoy the lifestyle.  Maybe it is the retro memories showing a lifestyle of glitz, glamour, the "bond" image of a sharped dressed man. I don't know about you, but there is something soooo sexy about a tailored man, sexily clad women, in an era where life seemed so much simpler than, but in reality back then, there were just as many issues as we have today, just different.

I'm not foolish to believe that the "glamour" of the Playboy Club is 100% entirely what you see on TV, but I have read the reviews and it is clear that having the one and only Mr. Playboy Club himself, Mr. Hugh Hefner, for authenticating information most certainly makes the show that much more inviting. I've watched a few biographies on "Hef" and you just know that everything from the "Bunnies" to the people and personalities that visited the Playboy Club, will be all that you imagine, but not like the true host he is, never enough to tell you who is who. I suspect there is a "seen and be seen" rule, but what happens at the Club will always stay within those walls.

Usually, I would find something very kinky to include in my blog, but other than Rascals a couple of weeks back, all has been quiet.... that is until the end of the month or mid-month depending on when and where you are attending a Halloween party. Yes my sexy Vampires and Witches, or is it Ghouls and something naughty out of your closet.  The season is upon us to start tossing around party ideas, costume flavors and yep you guessed it, the frivolity of the kinky mind that some only let loose at this time of year, and some.... well you get the idea

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