September 17, 2011

Steampunk Saturday

Tonight I am attending my first Steampunk event at Rascals
I've never attended a Steampunk anything before. I'm looking forward to going.  I have an outfit I've never worn before that I picked up from Deadly Couture Latex last year. If you have never been there it is definitely the place to go!! Jenny the owner and her staff are so friendly and the shop, oh my word! So much fun!!

Its fun to play dress up for the night! Although I've been a little nervous about how to dress for this event. My bf has been sharing his ideas about how there are varieties of Steampunk. I had no idea as to different versions of this era existed!

But first before we even get to Rascals, there is sushi to be had!! It has been ages since I have gone to Rainbow Before Sushi. The restaurant is quaint and the food is delicious!! The staff treat us well, and the prices are very reasonable. My stomach is starting to growl as I am writing this blog, hmmm makes me think of that I need to have a small snack to tide me over til dinner lol.

Well, for now I don't have a whole lot of kinkery to share at the moment, perhaps later on or tomorrow I will? One just never knows do they...... I will leave that for your minds to toss and turn about until next time :)

Have a great evening, I know I will!

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