September 13, 2011

Enriching ones life

Today has been a day of surprises and progress. My visit with the chiropractor was a good session, to be told that my body was holding less anger than it had been last week felt really good considering I have battles with chronic pain. I'm looking forward to sleep this evening.

We are going to the Langley Munch this evening! We are looking forward to this as we haven't been able to attend many events lately. It will be great to see some of our friends in the Community again. I'm hoping that we will be able to attend the upcoming Rascal's event as well.

It was lovely to catch up with a few friends who enrich our lives and helped to put the evening into perspective. As well it gave Master a chance to meet members of the Community I had spoken of, but he had not had a chance to meet.

To enrich ones life that is very powerful. It can come in many forms, it may come in the form of laughter, a hug, a conversation or a smile. Either way to be enriched by someone is to feel that sense of empowerment. Something we all strive for, we all crave, something we all want and don't always pay attention when it is staring right at us.

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