September 12, 2011


Summer is just about at its yearly close, my garden has been a month behind and the tomatoes are finally caught up, today I finally saw a tomato in the ripen stages, thank goodness! Now if my zucchini would follow suite the world would make my summer a happy place.

I've been rather reflective lately on many things, activities I have participated in or not participated in. Sometimes it is quite simply monetarily dictated; other times it may be the simplicity of wanting to spend time with the one I love.

A lot of inner growth has been transpiring and the process has been a blossoming experience. A process to be continued. I have always found the road and path to loving ones self to be a bit bumpy at times, but once the path has begun, the work so well worth it, the layers start to peel away little by little, the weight starts to lift. The experiences for people of how they choose to experience their individual path is a deeply personal choice.

I'm hoping to be out and about more in the community and attend more social events as my spirit improves.

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