December 27, 2010

The Road Less Travelled

I'm not sure just yet what to title this just yet, I just know that I have some lovely words to put down....

In about 48 hours, I am going to be at place completely different than where, I am now. I am excited at the journey before me, to be somewhere completely new, meeting new people, bringing in the New Year with someone I love and want to share the experience with.

The company will be eclectic, and I am sure lots of stories will be told.  I feel like a new piece of candy, but oh so much more than the "flavor of the week". I feel like I have always wished to feel on the inside but never said to the world vocally. I feel giddy and smile a lot when I think of the one I am going to see and feel so happy that he "gets me", yet he encourages me, pushes me, yet doesn't force me into moments that may trigger a moment that will easily upset me. He supports all that I wish to do and I have this sense of empowerment at not just myself in what I can do,  but to have someone who walks beside me and I not walk ahead or behind, is a feeling I have longed for.

Travelling, something I haven't done in years...... a journey awaits!

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