January 1, 2011

The one we call Karma

My trip has been fantastic. I've taken myself for a pampering of sorts, met new people, experienced some new cuisine and a club where fashion and mayhem meet in the middle. I have loved every moment of that.

The one I have come to spend it with, has gone to great lengths to spend time with me, combined with his own responsibilities as one often has those, there have been moments where I haven't left the hotel room. Now before all my kinkalicious friends think "the dark side" I can assure you no it wasn't that lol.

We had opted to keep our trip under wraps from the family, with all that has gone on as of late, and our relationship budding and developing as it has been, we felt that it wouldn't go over well with the matriarch. Well sure enough, we were right.

Tonight, which happens to be my last night in town, instead of doing something "on the town" celebrating, whether it be dancing til dawn, or walking the streets looking at memorable moments in history, I am in my room, and I keep watching the clock. I am feeling very frustrated and I can't help but feel it is the Goddess karma for we didn't tell anyone in his family I am here, and well I feel that the Goddess wanted me to know that ultimately She is in control not I and so I am alone. My love is not able to tear himself away from family and the responsibilities that are attached to that.

I'm not looking forward to my trip back to the West Coast. Not for not wanting to see my kitten, or my fur boys, just the travel and the changing of planes etc. I did try to change it up yesterday, but the cost involved was far more than I was willing to spend.

I am looking forward to starting my volunteer work this week. I am hopeful to continue getting out there, and making some friends/acquaintances in the community and those that have fibromyalgia as well.

I am considering doing a weight loss program, I would like to lost about 20 pounds and if I can do it before my surgery this year, perhaps that will make the recovery be quicker than if I had the "extra" weight.

Well off to figure out how to add more to my site!

Enjoy yours, stay safe, sane and risk aware!

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