March 12, 2013

When eating

or licking your Master/Mistress cock or pussy what do you enjoy the most? Is there something you look for in scent and taste? Have you ever discussed with your Master/Mistress foods to avoid when going down on them? Some may say they will eat what they want and you will just suck it up. Others, as has been my experience, will actually discuss this topic. I think it is important because if you don't enjoy licking pussy or sucking cock and it is an important part of your sexual relationship, this could cause some serious problems.

I know for me, I've learned over the years what fruits enhance the flavor of cum in a positive way. I'm not a huge cum lover, but I do like sucking cock. I love to feel the hardness as it goes down my throat, I love deep throating and I love how my spit makes Master's cock look.

What makes a good cock sucker? What makes a good pussy licker? Is it texture? Is it scent? Is it attention to detail?



  1. I feel like it's the thrill of giving pleasure-- there's a power in that, even when it's done in a submissive act. I don't know, that's why I love it, anyway...

  2. @Renee Rose, I understand what you are saying! The thrill of having His cock in your hands or mouth, feeling His firmness grow, as you are stroking and sucking....


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