February 4, 2012

Inspection and Punishment

The dynamics of our relationship are continually learning and evolving. Being poly doesn't mean that I can forget  the expectations placed upon me. Given that I have memory problems, this does make it challenging, so does not living our lifestyle 24/7. Structure is vital to me and this will be something that we will work on. 

I received an email from Master yesterday that He was displeased with me. 

Ouch, was my first thought, as I couldn't fathom what I could have done that would have Him upset with my service. 

Turns out that what I had done was upon returning home from my overnight play date with Sir, I had not presented our play cuff and collar to Master. Master says that it is very important that when I return home to Him, that I present myself to Him as I am returning my submission to Him. 

I had been given the day to talk it out with those that I wished, to be whatever emotion I needed to be, but that at 6pm I was being forced to present myself to Him! Instantly I was upset, well angry was more like it. To make a long story short, when I returned home from my overnight play date, Master had left me with my Aftercare kit and word that I was to relax and take it easy. Yet, I was focused on wanting to make sure His needs would be met when He got home from work. To me this is making sure dinner was ready, our pets were fed, the house was tidy. I did not think about gathering the cuffs and collar for presentation. 

Master called when He was on His way home, I gathered the cuffs and collar and got myself ready for inspection. I then waited for the sound of Master's vehicle.  I was with anticipation, "would He approve, would He ignore me until He decided to greet me?" Suddenly the full perimeters were coming into view. The front door handle turns and I am kneeled with the cuffs laid out for presentation.  Master walks in and acknowledges our pets who are anxious to be greeted. I stayed right where I was, no movement, no asking, just waited. 

After a few minutes, Master asks for each cuff one by one He places them on each wrist and the collar around my neck.  He raises me to my feet and we shared our first words. 

I was asked to go and draw Him a bath and did so eagerly. I placed some soothing bubble bath into the tub. I quickly went and got a lighter to light the candle placing it near the tub and I then waited for Master.  I undressed Him and was ordered to stay while He bathed.  I was asked to bathe Him and did so, listening to His words as He spoke. Taking in all that we talked about, gathering a better understanding of His expectations of me as His submissive.  When He was ready, I dried Him off

Master wanted to go to dinner, and decided on sushi. Yet before we were going, He told me that after we got home He was going to fuck me. I sighed, to which He saw this as me being sassy and promptly put me over His knees bare handed spanking as He reminded me of my place. Master then asked if I wanted to be fucked and I said yes. Thinking I was going to be, I was surprised when I was ordered to lube up a penis dildo and forced to fuck it and suck Him off. I did as I was told, the feelings of humiliation coming over me and when that wasn't enough, he bent me over and fucked me HARD. 

I know my Master will always have my best interests at heart, even when I need a reminder.

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