January 30, 2012

Subbie Tea

Recently I got the chance to do something I have always wanted to do in our Community. I went and attended a Subbie Tea!! First off, my thanks to our hostess yesterday, she truly outdid herself with her hospitality and baking!

It was really great to be able to sit with my "sisters" in our community and listen to various discussions that came up during our get together. Things such as "What is the best way for a submissive to apologize if she is truly remorseful for her behavior", "What are your hard limits" and other various insightful topics.

The great thing about attending this subbie tea, is that the hostess visual is to share not just with ourselves but with others, the values and enjoyment the BDSM Community is truly about in the 30+ years she has been in it.

What does being in the BDSM Community mean to you?


  1. To me it is the feeling of acceptance. Living without the restrictions of the "normal" world, yet there being rules of common decency and respect for eahc individual and all of that which makes them, them.

    It is a wonderful community that has allowed me to be more of who I am and to dance freely.

  2. Thank you so much Chris for sharing your thoughts. I must agree, this can be a wonderful community indeed!