January 12, 2012

Our Date

The day had finally arrived, my first real poly date with Master home! I have been feeling a lot of nerves and Master had commented that my bratty side had been very prevalent and that I had been very sharp tongued. He took this to mean that I needed to sort through my feelings and just do whatever it was that I needed to do to get ready. Combined with all of that I still was having a lot of uncertainty that I was really going to not have any drama from either "A" or Master. 

I did NOT want to give any power to our past experiences with those that claim to be A) poly and B) Dominant. However, I don't want to focus on that, life is about moving forward and that is the direction I am going. 

I wanted to wear something sexy, I was going through all my clothing, and as you can imagine, NOTHING looked good lol. Isn't that how it always is when you want to dress to impress? I take a lot of pride in how I present myself not just my Master, but for those I am going to be in the company of.  I finally settled on a black mini skirt, thigh high nylons and a black dress top, everything met with Master's approval, he was very pleased with His girl's presentation!! 

I left after a few tears of fear and apprehension, not because I didn't want to see "A", but because I have had such negative experiences with my poly dates, that I didn't want to lose my Master as a result of going to play and coming home to something that would reveal itself to be something unhappy. Master assured me several times, that He meant what He said, and said what He means. This is so very important to me and knowing that "A" feels the same as Master, has made this journey even more accepting. 

We  meet up at our agreed location and we have a bite to eat.  Upon greeting me with a hug, "A" whispered in my ear that He was very happy to see me. This made me smile and start to feel more at ease. We didn't stay too long after we finished our meal, I knew that "A" had prepared our room and I had no idea what was about to be before me. 

When we got our room, "A" had candles all around, one by one, He lit them setting a ambiance and  calmness within the room. He had a variety toys that were laid strategically throughout.  Boy oh boy was there a variety of thoughts going through my head!! Yet, not once did He order me to strip and place a collar on me and quip that I was now His bitch for the night. 

Music started to play off a really cool looking Ipod dock, the system was clear and crisp, I could tell He was pretty stoked about how well it sounded :).  I went to freshen up, and when I returned I remember coming out to the sounds of whip, I watched "A" practice.  He wasn't demonstrating to prove anything to me. He was practicing because He has been wanting to explore using a whip and like any Dominant that I know who is true to Himself and to His skills, He will practice for as long as it takes, until a sense of completeness and confidence overrides any uncertainty. We spoke of people we know who are proficient with whipping. Not surprisingly we know the same people. 

We continued to talk about what has been laid around the room, the flickers of the candles dancing on the walls.  Then as things we moving along a belt appears and is suddenly around my neck......

You might have to say "Pretty Please" and I may just share some more with you!