January 2, 2012

Including Poly

Well 2012 has now rung in and lots of things are happening behind the scenes!  My journey with Fetish modelling will be broadening as I have started to reconnect with photographers who I have worked with. So be sure to stay tuned for new photographs! I'm so excited about that!

I'm still focused on my health and being in the best shape I can be in, this is always going to be a work in progress, but I know I am worth it, and my photographs will reflect that. I've been reviewing my profile on Fetlife as it is time to clean out peeps that I've not chatted with in at least six months, as well as cleaning up my fetishes. Fetishes are like dust, you can either not sweep or sweep! What's your view of cleaning out stuff? Do you keep stuff forever, or do you go through and get rid of things?

So the topic I chose today is about Including Poly. I've been poly for awhile, but it isn't easy to find someone who is truly poly. There are a lot of wannabe's, those are the one's who say they are poly and what not, but the minute as in my situation my Master came back from a trip out of town, the guys suddenly disappeared. This left a very bad taste in my mouth, so I have kept my heart close to my chest and my experiences known.

For me at times I have had more trouble than its worth in dating, even though Master and I are in an open relationship, He is my Primary and I always discuss possibilities with Him first.

So last week I met with a Dom I've been chatting with for a few months now. I was excited and Master was very supportive, He even told me what to wear and He wanted to inspect me before I went on my date. Let's call him "A". I drove to our agreed meeting spot. Not long after "A" shows up and the first thing I notice is how tall He is. He gives me a hug and we sit down to chat. He orders himself a drink as I had arrived before Him and ordered my own.  The waitress also left us the menus.  There was energy between us and I just listened to "A" talk and get a better feel of what He is like as person. It is very different when you only ever chat with someone on a computer or by text.

We laughed a lot, shared interests and the waitress came back several times to take our order, but we hadn't even looked at the menu! So we decided to make a decision on what to eat. I ordered the Chicken Taco salad, as I find myself mentally making better choices with my food intake. "A" I believe ordered a burger.

So we carried on chatting, had dinner, the energy had settled a little and I think that was because nerves had calmed a bit. He did go and have a smoke after dinner and I don't smoke anymore so I just hung out at the table while He went outside.

When "A" returned we leisurely finished our drinks, He paid up the bill and we were going to go to our respective cars. But before we left, I saw Him thinking and so I asked Him what was on His mind. He said that He was thinking about whether we were going to go and play or not. Although I was very flattered and happy He thought about that, I hadn't prepared myself to bring a change of clothes and I had my dog with me in the car. Combined with the fact, that I haven't fucked someone on the first meet in a long time. I used to, and sure sometimes it is really hot, but with D/s there are many things to go over before you get into fucking.

"A" offered to drive me to my car, which I happily accepted, although  my car wasn't far, just up the road, the weather was pelting horribly. The wind and rain were going sideways! Trees were looking like the branches may collapse.  I admit I'm not a fan of driving in the night, let alone with a windy, rainy night ahead of me, and lights glaring on the road, I knew it was not going to be a fun night home.

"A" gets me to my car safely and we chat a bit more and we lean into kiss. It was a soft kiss and a hug, with Him letting out a low growl in my ear, something I am weak in the knees to begin with. I sit back and smile and he puts his hand on my thigh. He says that he wanted to feel my skin, and he says that my skin is so soft.

I smiled again and said yes it is, always has been. I said, well I best go, the drive and all. I kiss Him again, and leave with a smile on my face. Like a gentleman, He watched me open my car door, let my dog out to go to the bathroom before I got in the car and warmed it up. "A" started off and I went my way home.

I texted Him like a good girl when I arrived home as I also let Master know I was home. "A" texted me a few naughty texts and then we called it a night.

We have decided to see one another, and in the meantime we are emailing regularly, talking about boundaries, fetishes, and getting to know one another more.  Hrmph, maybe this poly experience may be something that I've been wanting for a while!

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