April 3, 2011

The "Hanging In there Princess"

I was watching a couple of shows tonight, two of which I've not watched in forever! I found myself giddy with excitement and in a ton of ways it helped me to realize that the pain I have been dealing with post surgery from my hysterectomy has not taken away my enjoyment of things! This made me incredibly happy!!

I've have been having a very hard time dealing with my emotional mood swings and the ensuing roller coaster that I haven't been able to get off of. That is, until today! I had gone and picked up the medication that my family doctor had called in for me and fingers crossed I will hopefully start to feel more like myself. It is one thing to be hormonal when you have your reproductive girlie bits, but it is entirely different when not only dealing with with the various issues I am but add one more thing on top and its like BAM!

Sex, I've not been able to enjoy the intimacy of sex for weeks now. It has been strange not being able to enjoy whatever you want whenever you want. But with the mood swings and hot flashes etc I have been learning to address, sometimes remembering about sex doesn't seem like a priority. I feel like pretty soon I am going to have to make a yellow sticky of all the things I want to do and place them through my house LOL!

I am heading into week 4 now post surgery and I am hoping to start to return more to myself. But depending on who you speak to, it could really be similar to what I have been dealing with the last 3 weeks *sigh*.

Life sure deals you with a variety of curve balls, and I know that the Universe has a hand in all of this as well, just never know what the true intentions are until you are ready to see what the path laid out before one is.

So the best I can do is "hang in there" and be the "Princess" I keep being told I am  *giggles*


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